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Ficus carica


Fig tree. This tree originates from the Mediterranean area, but it also

does very well in the English climate. The fig tree can tolerate up to -18 degrees Celsius. When the tree is quite big it can tolerate even slightly lower temperatures; this is mainly due to the fact that the Ficus carica loses its leaves in the winter.


The fig tree is particularly decorative because of its white/gray bark and large, deep green, palmate leaves. To remove a common misunderstanding: the fig is not a fruit; it is in fact a fleshy inflorescence. The fig is mature only after two years and looks a bit like the shape of an urn. The fig is a tasty delicacy and is, with most varieties, ripe from September till October.


When the Ficus carica gets planted it can be placed best in full sun or partial shade. Pruning the fig tree can be done in two stages, in summer to boost growth and in spring mainly for topiary. When the Ficus Carica does not get pruned, the tree can get up to 4 meters in height and 6 meters in width. The fig tree can also be very well espaliered like apple trees and pear trees.


In short: a very decorative tree that is suitable anywhere.





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