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A olive tree for sale at the Olive Tree Specialist

Why an olive tree from the Olive Tree Specialist? Through specialization and experience the Olive Tree Specialist has the best frost resistant olive trees, with the finest branching, at the best price. The assorted frost resistant varieties come from cold situated areas and our own Spanish plantations. This provides a controlled quality, because of which we can grant warranty on our olive trees up to five years.



Order your olive tree or mediterranean tree safe and quick in our webshop!

Olive tree for sale in our webshop! You can order your olivetree or mediterranean tree, with or without matching planter and necessary raw materials, safe and quick in our webshop. This assures you of a first class mediterranean tree that can soon be delivered at home.



True quality matters

Not all olive trees are alike. Only in Spain there are already 168 different modern cultivars of the Olea europaea (European olive tree), naturally cultivated olive trees left aside. The Olive tree Specialist only delivers varieties which are suitable for placement in the English garden. High quality olive trees for sale at the Olive tree Specialist.

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Watch the movie about our wonderful olive trees and mediterranean trees in Overloon.



Your olive tree or mediterranean tree delivered within 48 hours throughout England!

When you place your order before 10 am, we can ship your order the next working day. It is also possible to specify a preferred date of delivery.




Service and quality are highly valued at the Olive treeSpecialist. We place all our olive trees andmediterranean trees with special raw materials and substrates, for optimum drainage and nutrition of your olive tree, fig tree or other mediterranean tree!

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