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The olive tree

The olive tree is one of the world's oldest cultivated plants. The olive tree (Olea europaea) has formed both the culture and the landscape of the Mediterranean for thousands of years. The olive tree gets it’s value from the oil of the olive. The olive is therefore long been a symbol of wealth, longevity, power and peace.

Growth of the olive tree

The olive tree grows as a shrub or tree with thick, leathery leaves that grow in opposite pairs along the stems. The upper surface of the leaf is usually gray-green, while the lower surface is silvery- to yellowish-green. Each leaf usually grows for about two years before it is thrown.

Flower of the olive tree

The flowers of the olive tree grow in clusters on the basis of the leaves, at the stem of the plant. Each group of flowers usually contains between 15 and 30 small, fragrant, white to yellowish-white flowers.

Fruit of the olive tree

The famous fruit of the olive tree is the olive. A fleshy fruit with a hard core containing the seed. When olives are ripe, they are usually green or purple-black.

Types of olive trees

There are six different types of olive trees, but some people also want to indicate the difference of geography: the european olive tree (Olea europaea subspecies 'Europaea) and the African olive tree (Olea europaea subspecies' cuspidata). The differences show in size and shape of the leaves and fruit.

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