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Olive Tree for sale Looking to buy an olive tree?

The Olive Tree Specialist has many olive trees for sale. We can help you with advice and support when buying an olive tree. Through specialization and experience we have the best frost resistant olive trees for sale at the best price on the market.
Not all olive trees are the same. In Spain only there are 168 different varieties of olive trees already. The Olive Tree Specialist only sells olive trees that are particularly suitable for placing in Western gardens. All our olive trees are checked for quality, variety, cultivar and way of breeding. All our olive trees originate from cold areas in the interior of Spain. This enables us to provide a warranty for up to five years on our olive trees in combination with a maintenance contract.

Olive tree for sale online

Olive tree for sale online! You can order you olive tree quickly and safely at our webshop. You can choose from our entire range of olive trees with or without matching planter and raw materials. You are assured of a grade A olive tree which can be home delivered. View our assortimentfor all available trees.

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