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Trachycarpus fortunei


Chinese windmill palm. This palm is rightly the most sold palm. The palm can tolerate temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius.


Also in terms of disease and mold resistance the Trachycarpus fortunei palm is the toughest palm there is.


All Trachycarpus fortunei palm trees from the assortment of the Olive Tree Specialist are grown in the field and in a country environment. Do not confuse our quality with garden center quality. These palms are often rapidly grown in greenhouses with high temperatures and humidity, which make these trees not suitable for placement in the English climate.


The Trachycarpus fortunei originally grows in the Himalayas at relatively high altitudes.


The Trachycarpus fortunei grows best in full sun or partial shade. Its roots grow close to the surface. When the palm gets placed, it prefers to be placed where it is properly drained.


The leaves are on petioles in a fan shape and can get up to one meter and a half in width. The palm itself can reach a height of 9 meters.


Its fruits are a delight to the eye, and in a hot summer the palm can bloom with yellowish flowers. After blooming dark blue berries will appear in clusters.



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