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Punica granatum


Punica granatum. This tree originates from the eastern part of the Mediterranean area and symbolizes love and fertility.


The pomegranate can tolerate temperatures as low as -10 to -14 degrees Celsius, depending on the size of the tree. This is mainly due to the fact that the pomegranate tree loses its leaves in the winter.


The tree owes the name "pomegranate" to the fact that when the apple has ripened and falls to the ground, the seeds spring up everywhere, like an exploding grenade.


The Punica granatum blooms in summer with red tubular flowers. Shortly thereafter, when they receive enough light and heat, the fruit will emerge. The leaves are green and have an oval shape.


The Punica granatum can best be placed in full sun or partial shade. Pruning is best done in spring.


In short: a very decorative tree with exuberant flowering.




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