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Orange tree - Girth 10/15cm - Height incl. container 160cm - Cont. height 40cm - Cont. diameter 48cm

Orange tree

Girth 10/15cm - Height incl. container 160cm - Cont. height 40cm - Cont. diameter 48cm


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The citrus trees are originally from China and India, where they were planted long ago as a consumption tree.


The citrus tree can tolerate frost up to -5 degrees and is therefore only suitable as a pot plant. The tree can be placed inside, but the tree should be given enough light and cannot be close to a radiator.


In spring the citrus tree blooms with creamy white clusters of flowers that smell delicious. The fruits ripen from autumn until March. Please note: in our country the fruits will have a very bitter taste. Pruning the citrus Tree occurs only for topiary purposes, not to obtain more fruit.


The citrus tree can best be in full sun and foremost sheltered from wind. If the citrus tree is standing in a draft, it will get more pests or diseases such as aphids, fruit fly and scale insects. When planting a citrus tree it is necessary to use a fairly acidic soil; when the soil is too rich in lime the leaf will turn light green and the tree will not have an optimal growth.


The varieties sold by Botanicalgroup: Citrus sinensis also known as the orange tree, Citrus limon also known as the lemon tree, Citrus paradisii also known as the grapefruit tree.


In short: the citrus tree is an asset to your garden with its delicious sweet smelling flowers, evergreen leaves and brightly colored fruits.




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