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Grape vine - Searching for another type or size grape vine? Please contact us!

Grape vine

Searching for another type or size grape vine? Please contact us!


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Vitis vinifera


This grapevine originally comes from the Middle East. The Vitis vinifera is able to tolerate frost very well (-20) and therefore does not need to be protected during periods of severe frost.


The grapevines of BotanicalGroup are former production vines with ages between 25 and 30 years. Because of their older age, these vines have a very beautiful and rough structure.


When the vine is properly taken care of and pruned, it leaves no problem to harvest ripe grapes.


The vine especially likes clayey, limy soil. The grapevine can best be fertilized in spring (March - April). When the Vitis vinifera is planted this can best be done on a wall to the south; here the vine will prosper most.


The Vitis vinifera can best be pruned right after it has lost its leaves; this is usually after the first mild to moderate night frost. The white varieties have to be cut back at 4 – 5 buds, the blue varieties at 2 - 3 buds from the main branches.

In short: when the vine is well looked after and receives enough light and heat, you can harvest your own Mediterranean grapes.




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