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Olive tree 'Pom-Pom' - Girth 30/40cm - Height incl. container 170cm - Cont. height 45cm - Cont. diameter 55cm

Olive tree 'Pom-Pom'

Girth 30/40cm - Height incl. container 170cm - Cont. height 45cm - Cont. diameter 55cm


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Olea europaea

The most frost resistant olive tree of the modern Spanish cultivar: The Olea europaea "Lessini". These trees can tolerate the English climate very well. The Olea europea "Lessini" is very resistant to disease and mold, causing it to require little attention, even in winter.

With the beautiful wide and high branches of these trees, the olive tree specialist stands out from the crowd. These olive trees are of unparalleled quality and undergo stringent quality checks. Beautiful full crowns and high quality, healthy leaves.

The olive tree is one of the oldest cultivated plants on earth and finds its origin in countries around the Mediterranean Sea.


For thousands of years the olive tree has grown in the Mediterranean area. Because of the valuable fruits (olives), the olive tree is ideal for the production of oil and food. Because of his rough looks and its timeless appearance an olive tree is a purchase for life. It is not for nothing that there are olive trees aged over 2000 years!


Characteristic for olive trees are the knotty, deeply grooved trunks and the lush, silvery crown. With young olive trees, the trunk is still smooth and gray, but every year it gets darker, knottier and more crooked. The leaves are evergreen and are renewed every three years.


The leaves have a leathery feel and their size and shape is reminiscent of willow leaves. They are hairy on the bottom and have a silvergrey color. From April till June small white blossoms hang in clusters from the branches of the olive tree. These blossoms give off a sweet and pleasant smell. The fruit of the olive tree is a plum-like drupe with a thin skin and its flesh is very rich with oil.


Because of the symbolism of olive trees (peace, love and loyalty), the olive tree is ideal as a gift for a birth, a wedding, or other occasions. Also as a memento of a deceased loved one an olive tree has a valuable meaning.


The olive tree does not feel itself at home only in Mediterranean soil, where its origin is to be found. It feels itself at home in England as well and can even produce fruit in a hot summer!


In short: The olive tree, a timeless showpiece in your garden!


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